Money words. Yes words. All the words.

I’m a copywriter and a writer-writer. I’m working on a book right now called “Money Words,” hence the name of this newsletter, and I’m giving talks about it. Later, I may work on another book. This newsletter is where I’ll workshop what I’m working on - not chapters of books necessarily but rather snippets of interviews, articles, experiments. You may even hear about my writing process, which I hope isn’t too boring.

The reason to sign up for this newsletter is because word choice and word order are the building blocks of all persuasion. If you’re using the wrong words or you find yourself saying things like “that’s just semantics,” then it’s time to fix all that. I’ll help you. If I can’t help you or you don’t like me after reading my take or whatever, just unsubscribe.

My name is Joanna Wiebe. I’m the creator of conversion copywriting and the founder of, a $3M+ online business teaching 1000s of founders, copywriters and marketers worldwide to write copy that converts. (This newsletter is a little more thinky than that. If you wanna write copy that converts, join Copy School.)

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